Star Fox clone: week 1

Working on this as a distraction for the last couple of days. Just for fun.

6 Responses to “Star Fox clone: week 1”

  1. owen says:

    pretty cool stage transition

  2. Radix says:

    It’s actually the same stage(/scene), uninterrupted. Although since I use a flash effect there and use that moment to top up the player’s HP anyway, it would’ve been easier to do as two different scenes.

  3. Ben says:

    I’ve been wanting to make a shooter like this in Unity for a while now, but I’m still new to Unity and so I was wondering if you’d mind answering a couple of things for me?

    Do you move the player/camera through the world, or do you make scenery/enemies move towards the player/camera?

    Do all enemies and scenery exist in the world from the very start, or are they spawned in when they’re needed?

    Thanks for your time!

  4. Radix says:

    The camera and player ship are children of a holder gameobject which moves them forwards through the scene together. The ship doesn’t move itself like you’d see in traditional Unity examples, but rather it’s just positioned according to a script on the parent which has logic more like what you’d see in a 2D game.

    Scenery always exists, since they’re just dumb boxes that don’t cost much, but enemies are spawned as needed. This is handled by invisible trigger objects which I can just drop wherever and which self-destruct after spawning whatever they’re told to spawn once the player holder is a specified distance away (based on a static global representing its absolute z position–not a distance formula, which would be a bad idea).

  5. Alex says:

    How did you make it look like an old SuperFX game?